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Writer's Block: True Crime 
8th-Feb-2009 03:21 pm
Today is the anniversary of the death of Elizabeth Short, also known as the Black Dahlia. What real-life murder story are you most fascinated by?

Heh... I love the Black Dahlia (the women look so pretty with their mouths cut nice and wide), but I really like the murder of
Brain Howe, who was murdered by Mary Bell, a 10-year-old English girl. How odd is that? A ten year old killed a three year old boy. It really makes me laugh- how amazing and terrifying is it to know that a young child will commit murder? Mary Bell, along with her friend, Norma, offered to help Pat, Brian's old sister- Mary and Norma knew exactly where they were going.

Brain was found covered with grass and purple weeds; he had been strangled. There were puncture marks on his thighs and his genitals had been partly skinned. The wounds were bizarre: "There was a terrible playfulness about it, a terrible gentleness if you like, and somehow the playfulness of it made it more, rather than less, terrifying," said Inspector James Dobson. Brian's belly had been signed "M" with a razor blade. This cut would not be apparent until days later. It appeared that someone had imprinted an "N", and that a fourth mark was added (by a different hand?) to change the "N" into a "M".

Ah, how I love humanity. It only shows that even as youngster, we can commit deeds that only madmen were thought to have done- we're born with the ability to kill. It is instinctual to want to get rid of those weaker then you, to want to prove you are superior to them. Humans are only animals after all, no matter how much we try and separate ourselves from the rest of the ecosystem. Humans are so...interesting.
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